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As the software and technology industry transitions to as-a-service business models, Aria enables agile and sophisticated metering and subscription management to launch targeted propositions and tiers.

Commercial agility is critical for XaaS growth

Software and technology businesses are evolving at a rapid rate to grow effectively. Subscription management from Aria encompasses the ability to tier, segment, cross-sell, meter, settle and optimize packages as your business models evolve. Our platform and services support organic growth, as well as tactical acquisitions, partnerships and international expansion strategies.


Why Aria for software and technology

Smart products

Segment down to the individual

Our product catalog enables the creation of tiers and dynamic service plans that can be personalized by service and price via target channels, segments and regions.

Build pricing plans based on consumption

Meter usage in real time and bill subscriptions and overage based on tiers, thresholds, service packs and rollover policies. Enable customer on-demand access to accumulating charges and keep them informed through in-time notifications.

Offer adaptive packages and sophisticated account management

Manage complex enterprise accounts incorporating thousands of subscriptions. Enable package negotiation, subscription-level stakeholder management and enterprise-level revenue accounting.

Integrate access control into account management

Control service access based on account and billing status. From account to subscription levels, manage customer experience with soft bars, notifications and reduced service options beyond discrete service terminations.

Guide customers to more relevant options

Guide customers and service representatives on upgrades, options and add-ons based on eligibility and usage rules. Minimize churn by guiding customers to better value options.

Empowered commercial product catalogue

Enable your team to directly manage packaging, pricing, product, promotions and positioning via intuitive interfaces or third-party products.

Support do-it-yourself plans

Rather than managing thousands of SKUs, create dynamic, definable products that can be configured directly by customers and provide a personalized offer.

Marketplace and settlement

Onboard partner products, approve partner changes and generate settlement statements to support reconciliation processes.

Multi-tenant autonomy

Enable new divisions with autonomy over their products, rates and processes using our embedded multi-tenant capabilities.

case study


Mindbody utilizes Aria Systems to automate billing processes and increase customer satisfaction.

Mindbody is a California-based Software-as-a-Service company that provides cloud-based online scheduling and other business management software for the wellness services industry.

“As we embarked on our digital transformation, we chose Aria in the belief that its modern and agile cloud billing platform was ideal for the growth we seek in the coming years. Aria is now supporting our financial transactions while enabling us to integrate new business partners and evolve our offerings with ease. With Aria, we can quickly introduce new digital subscription models for our growing roster of health and fitness customers.”

Marti Menacho, Senior Vice President of IT

Mindbody Now Live on Aria Systems’ Cloud Billing and Monetization Platform

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