Monetizing Products Into Services

Aria for Industrial and Consumer IoT

Aria can help build and monetize ongoing customer relationships as you convert your products into services.

Transition products to services

Industrial and consumer manufacturers are transitioning their hardware and technology products into Internet of Things (IoT) businesses to own and monetize ongoing subscriber relationships.

Aria processes usage data to drive dynamic subscriptions and establish recurring revenues for many of the largest technology and hardware manufacturers in the world. Aria’s powerful commercial product catalog enables IoT businesses to test and evolve their offers and pricing models rapidly to capture and optimize value in the as-a-service era.


Aria for IoT

Sophisticated usage and subscription billing

Aria provides the widest range of monetization models, allowing you to trial and offer a variety of pricing options from simple subscriptions to complex consumption and bundling strategies.

Real time usage processing

Aria processes usage in real-time to dynamically bill subscriptions by consumption and provides your customers with a real-time view of their accounts to develop trust and loyalty.

Support IoT suppliers and channel partners

Aria enables management and settlement with your partner ecosystem who either provide you with services to enhance your IoT offerings or act as a channel or business curator for your services. Aria looks after the end-to-end marketplace chain.

100% configuration culture

No-code business configuration enables agility in changing products, processes and data needs. Open and secure data sharing enables a data- and AI-driven organization. Open APIs enable the autonomous zero-touch era.

Workflow and API-driven

From taking new products to market to billing orders faster, streamline your entire business and partner ecosystem using our workflow and API-oriented architecture. This significantly improves productivity and time-to-market, and reduces risk.

Reduced risks and integration costs

With some of the largest brands using Aria to monetize their IoT business models, we offer an established, credible business and technology practice that leverages past technical integrations for your enterprise.

case study

Arlo drives IoT success

With no experience of launching IoT products or managing recurring revenue models, Arlo brought their new IoT product line to market quickly with Aria for monetization.

Industrial and consumer IoT

Commercial breadth and variety

Connected car

From pay-by-mile insurance to fleet management, Aria is able to measure usage and track transactions by the 'thing' to drive overall account billing and subscriptions as a unified end-customer experience.

Smart home

From home automation to media, from connectivity to enterprise subscriptions, Aria has the ability to provision devices and measure usage across the network for subscription and account management.

Smart city

With smart city projects involving many partnerships and stakeholders, Aria is able to bill on behalf of all suppliers as a unified or aggregated subscription while settling for partner services based on service-level agreement (SLA), contribution and usage factors.

Smart health

As health, device and equipment manufacturers partner to offer health-as-a-service or cost-effective solutions to the healthcare industry, Aria can actively orchestrate among partners to deliver a unified service based on usage and subscriptions to the end-buyer and user stakeholder.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

From network to compute to storage, Aria is able to measure and track usage at a granular level to drive subscription growth. With smart usage monitoring, it can automatically move subscribers to specific tiers by time, eligibility or approval.

Smart building & infrastructure

The services and manufacturing industry supporting the construction, real estate and civil engineering markets continues to grow revenues by evolving traditional CAPEX intense projects into long term contracts aligned to commercializing usage, faults and service requirements. Aria can bill for such contracts.

case study

Subaru’s connected car

Subaru launches multiple connected car services with Aria, from emergency services to vehicle telemetries for servicing and roadmap development. Today, Subaru has on average the longest length of ownership in the industry. This loyalty is critical to Subaru.

Customers and case studies

Innovators who have switched to IoT and Aria

High-tech manufacturers across the globe are switching to Aria to monetize recurring relationships using data and IoT to gain revenue and market share with users and channels.

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