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Aria for Media and Publishing

Aria is unique in managing the monetization of both physical and digital assets as a single convergent service.

Combining ownership and access business models

Staying relevant in today’s landscape and monetizing investments in news and content requires publishing companies to bring the agility of digital into the print market. To effectively serve both print and digital customers, they must offer both ownership and access consumption models. They need a common and coordinated platform that can harness operational efficiencies to deliver premium services and superior customer care.


Aria Media and Publishing

Combine digital and print titles

Aria is a single platform to manage your print subscriptions while converging digital subscriptions into bundle offers and options – enabling new revenue growth and simple customer transition.

Coordination across your access control and rights systems

As customers change subscription preferences and requirements, Aria manages all access control systems as holistic account services across print and digital products.

Manage distribution, calendars and schedules

Manage accounts and orders in accordance with title and distribution calendars and schedules. Allow customers to move anytime and enable their subscriptions to follow them.

Integrate Aria with existing ecosystems

Aria’s flexible workflow and API-oriented architecture enable integration with your existing ecosystem, including print management, as part of a fully automated business process management solution.

Sophisticated product and promotion catalogue

Aria enables subscriptions to be dynamic with automated bundles, discounts and promotions, based on usage, behavior and customer personalization.

Automate subscriptions, access and payments

Aria fully manages payment and credit management – linked to access rights, automated retries and notifications for graceful revenue collection and service control.

featured suite

Introducing Aria Media and Publishing Suite

Aria offers the Aria Media and Publishing Suite (AMPS) that extends Aria Billing Cloud to unify and manage subscriptions for both print and digital media across your brand estate. Aria Media and Publishing Suite holds the state of customer and enables an omnichannel strategy via self-service portals, customer service representatives and channel partners.


Media and publishing features

Title management

Title management provides unified management of titles (newspapers, magazines etc.) whether published via digital or physical media. Title name, description, distribution system, distribution calendar, publishing days, revenue controls and access controls are centrally orchestrated by Aria Media and Publishing Suite.

Distribution management

Distribution management provides unified management of shipping addresses for customers subscribing to physical media. Content providers can manage physical deliveries to customer-defined addresses, allowing customers to split delivery among multiple addresses and across different schedules, synchronizing seamlessly with physical distribution companies.

Access management

Access management provides a single system to manage distribution of access rights for customers’ digital media subscriptions. Whenever a subscriber changes their set of subscriptions (additions, cancellations etc.), the details are instantly coordinated with the access control system to control access to newspapers, articles and other digital content.

Built on Aria Billing Cloud

Aria Media and Publishing Suite is delivered on Aria Billing Cloud and comes with all the advantages of a pure SaaS product, from unlimited performance and APIs to continuous updates and operational service management.

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Media & Publishing

Publishing in a Constantly Changing World

In a world of constant change – one where print is losing ground to digital – publishers who can adapt, create compelling reasons for readers to subscribe, and proactively balance the shift between print and digital revenue streams, stand to win the game.

Media & Publishing

Modern Billing Platforms: A Strategic Multiplier

As publishers continue to digitize, the ability to accelerate and diversify revenue requires a modern and agile approach to the technology that supports your business. Billing — provided by a modern billing platform — plays an active role in creating sustainable advantages for publishers by facilitating subscriber, title, access, and delivery management.

“Aria’s platform provides the flexibility, configurability, and ease of connectivity we require as we commence our broad digital transformation efforts. Leaning on their deep experience in the media and publishing industry, Aria understood our challenges from the outset and is implementing a solution that will support our key strategic aspirations to simplify, grow, and adapt through enhanced subscription management.”

Tim Fulton, Chief Transformation Officer

Oxford University Press Selects Aria Systems’ Billing and Monetization Platform to Support and Accelerate Publisher’s Digital Transformation Program

“Aria delivered on its commitment to quickly and seamlessly integrate its platform into our existing ecosystem with speed and efficiency, so much so that we immediately began experiencing the benefits of its capabilities.”

Ann Fogelgren, CIO, Berlingske Media

Berlingske Media and Aria Systems Complete Implementation of the Aria Media and Publishing Suite

“It was clear from the outset that Aria understood the special requirements of media companies like ours and the various nuances and complexities associated with subscription management for both print and digital media. Aria’s depth of industry knowledge, the capabilities of its AMPS suite, and its success with other Nordic publishers ultimately convinced us to replace our entire billing infrastructure with Aria’s platform.”

Henrik Lassen, Chief Commercial Officer

Leading Danish Media Group Jysk Fynske Medier Selects Aria Systems’ Billing and Monetization Platform for Print and Digital Business

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