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A Proactive Approach to Billing

Aria provides proactive guidance and ongoing technical expertise to ensure you receive maximum value from your Aria platform as your billing needs grow.

Adapt your billing to meet changing demands

Aria offers a personalized approach to billing operations through a global team of experts and tailored white-glove service. You can achieve your billing goals with our expertise, guidance, and support. Our goal is to optimize Aria for your unique business needs as your business evolves. With a proactive approach, this comprehensive service can keep you ahead of the competition, anticipate problems, and achieve maximum efficiency. 

“We recognize the importance of preventative care, ensuring our customers benefit from optimal performance, maximizing their investment in Aria, and identifying any issues before they become a problem. We offer a range of post-implementation value-added services to suit the way our customers use the platform and their business priorities. Our customers can choose the services that make the most sense given their unique needs and in-house resources.”

Stina Rubin, Director, TAM Services


Why Aria Technical Account Management

Aria's technical account management team consists of account managers, consultants, and architects who will help you to optimize your Aria Billing Cloud platform once implementation is complete.

Billing solution architecture and integration

Focusing on improving performance, long-term stability, and scalability, our team helps you optimize your solution architecture and usage. We streamline processes, and assist with API integration sequencing to reduce billing latency. We also provide detailed scoping and design for complex needs, implement tailored business models, and help you model your unique products.

Data driven intelligence

Data accuracy, security, and integrity are regularly monitored through system performance, reconciliation, and reporting processes. Using data intelligence, technical expertise, and proactive troubleshooting, we determine if processes are accurate and efficient. This avoids revenue leakage caused by incorrect data transformation, and allows fast corrective action.

Health checks and reviews

Our regular health check touchpoints allow us to rethink, prioritize, and adjust how we work together to better support you. We review your implementation’s performance to ensure it’s being used efficiently and consider any changes necessary as your business evolves. We analyze system performance and data to formulate future billing decisions and growth opportunities. 

Expert assistance and support

Knowledge attrition is a real issue in business continuity. We can complement your team with experienced resources to manage your day-to-day billing operations and keep your implementation at peak performance and geared for growth. We can support your decision-making process with our technical resources able to support platform configuration issues, version control, and migrations taking the strain off your busy IT operation.

TAM service catalog

Aria's Technical Account Management offerings are available through a basic service package, with the ability to scale up additional options based on your billing requirements.

Billing architecture expertise

Utilizing many years of billing and subscription management experience we recommend best practices and industry standards to avoid pitfalls.

Business process monitoring

We review and interpret Aria logs to ensure your processes are happening as expected to reduce revenue leakage. 

Periodic health checks

We provide periodic business and system utilization reviews to ensure your instance of Aria is working optimally for your business.

Admin assistance

We can handle your administrative tasks such as managing users, running reports, and researching customer issues. 


Feel more comfortable with a guide by your side? We are here to help you with all of your billing and subscription management needs.

DevOps support

We can provide dedicated resources to work alongside your DevOps team to ensure seamless, ongoing rollouts.

Industry-focused guidance

With broad experience across many different verticals, we can offer industry specific recommendations to maximize the value of Aria for your business.

Feature adoption

Let us help you get the most from the Aria platform and all the features and functions available.

Business expansion

We provide assistance in the often complex onboarding of a new acquisition or bringing a new product to market.

Mindbody case study

Mindbody provides an all-in-one commerce platform that helps business owners acquire new customers, book appointments, process payments, manage employees, and build long-term client relationships. Their platform unifies the essential needs of running a service business into a single web-based system that’s accessible from any device.

On-demand webinar

Maximize ROI with TAM Services

Through TAM services, Aria offers on-demand, hands-on support from company experts to solve customers’ business needs, ensuring they drive maximum value from their Aria Billing Cloud platform.

Discover how you can access ongoing support from Aria experts to ensure maximum return on your SaaS billing automation project.


How to Maximize the ROI of Aria Billing Cloud to Accelerate Recurring Revenue Success

While on-demand support in a pinch is crucial, companies that continuously access the expertise of the provider to fully understand and leverage the features and capabilities of the platform enjoy a greater return on investment. With Aria’s Technical Account Management service, customers get the best of both worlds.

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