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Aria for Communications

Connectivity is at the heart of everything digital. Monetize diverse and adaptive offers in a heartbeat and drive growth through people empowerment and automation.

Connectivity and beyond

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are rapidly pivoting to establish a more agile, modular, and autonomous BSS foundation. This shift supports emerging opportunities presented by collaborations outside the traditional telco sphere, in addition to initiatives in software-defined networking, Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) and the deployment of AI as part of digital transformation 2.0.

Aria represents a new generation of vendor tailored for the composable era. Our award-winning, multi-industry SaaS platform is both API-oriented and TM Forum compliant. Designed for seamless integration, it fits into any diverse BSS/OSS ecosystem. Whether as a zero-touch agility layer or a complete billing replacement, Aria empowers operators to swiftly tap into new subscriber opportunities and experiences.


BSS transformation with Aria

Smart products
Business Users

Beyond connectivity

Multi-industry product catalog and marketplace expertise enables the convergence and launch of commercial offerings containing new and legacy telecom and non-telecom products at 10x faster time-to-market (TTM) than traditional business support systems (BSS). Aria can serve as an agility and unification layer or full billing replacement.

Personalize services & networks

Reduce SKU explosion and build adaptive offers for service personalization, partnered products and channel solutions driven by assisted and self-care portals. Maximize the opportunity of software-driven network services to deliver targetable services that demand adaptive monetization.

Intertwine buying, using & paying

The linear days of month-end billing are over. Supercharge trust with real-time billing and payment management of accumulating charges for complex accounts and growing account options. Deliver a unified and interactive hybrid billing experience to improve collections by 70% and reduce assisted care by 30%.

Enable a configuration culture

No-code business configuration enables agility in changing products, processes and data needs. Open and secure data sharing enables a data- and AI-driven organization. Open APIs enable the autonomous zero-touch era.

Be workflow and API-driven

Streamline your entire business and partner ecosystem using our workflow and API-oriented architecture, from taking new products to market to billing orders faster. Our platform significantly improves productivity and time-to-market, and it reduces risk.

Gain advantages of true SaaS

Deliver up to 80% lower TCO than traditional billing and revenue management solutions. Reconnect costs to revenue. Automate software updates. Forget infrastructure. End the costly change-request culture.

Become TM Forum compliant

Aria is trained and certified on TM Forum standards. Connect your ecosystem using TM Forum Open APIs. Build a flexible ODA-aligned architecture. Work with an organization that is trained and experienced on TM Forum best practices.


Unlocking commercial agility

For business evolution

  • Enterprise and SMB offer management
  • Retail and consumer DIY packages
  • Combine traditional and non-telco
  • Sub-brand and new lines of business
  • Partner management and settlement
  • Billing and settlement on behalf of MVNO and MVNE/A
  • Indirect and channel enablement

For product evolution

  • Mobile and fixed line
  • Voice, data and messaging
  • Media, technology and IoT
  • Wholesale data and connectivity
  • Network-as-a-Service
  • Private networks
  • Partner marketplace products
  • Metered, subscription and one-off

For technical evolution

  • Cloud-native and SaaS
  • No-code configuration
  • Real-time billing
  • Multi-tenant
  • TM Forum open API compliance
  • CPQ and CRM API integration
  • OCS and CSS API integrations
  • ERP and data warehouse integrations

Featured Suites

Partnered solutions

Aria has strategically partnered with best-of-breed industry players to offer targeted solutions for specific market needs with reduced integration and procurement administration.

Video interview

Billing data is critical for customer care and AI

In this video interview, filmed at MWC 2024, Aria Systems’ Brendan O’Brien and Jared Olkkola explain why customer care is the low hanging fruit of telecoms AI, and why billing data is of critical value in customer service and AI.

Watch this video to learn how CSPs can use AI to enhance the customer experience, upsell additional services and dramatically reduce the cost to serve.

Watch video

Aria’s TM Forum membership

Aria complies with several TM Forum standards and holds multiple Open API certifications. Alongside our partners, we have participated in – and won – two TM Forum catalysts: Best New Catalyst in Show in 2022, and Outstanding Catalyst – Business Impact in 2023.

Blog post

Monetizing the immersive “pop-up” retail experience

As part of an award-winning TM Forum catalyst project, Aria joined forces with leading tech companies to create the POP! Marketplace, a blueprint for a B2B2X marketplace environment. 

This catalyst demonstrated how CSPs can derive value from their network investments, while connecting partners with businesses eager to digitalize consumer experiences. By positioning themselves as intermediaries between enterprises and application vendors, CSPs can propel themselves up the value chain to take their share of the $300B experiential commerce market. 


Why Aria’s Brendan O’Brien loves Salesforce, SaaS and a Shot of Irish Whisky

On the show floor at DTW23 in Copenhagen, Brendan O’Brien, Aria’s co-founder and chief innovation officer, discussed Aria’s partnership with Salesforce and explained why software-as-a-service (SaaS) models are gaining traction with communications service providers, all while giving three very different Irish whiskeys the taste test.


BSS for Fiber Operators by Prodapt

Prodapt’s managed BSS platform, BoltSpeed, pre-configures an integrated Aria and Salesforce cloud BSS solution for fiber operators, enabling:

  • Enhanced fiber customer experience
  • Reduced execution risk
  • Faster time to value
  • Attractive as a Service Commercial Model

Watch the video to learn how Prodapt and Aria enabled Gigapower to launch its wholesale fiber service with a 300% faster time to market.

csp Diversity

Telco revenue growth

Aria works with and sponsors the TM Forum annual diversity report that tracks the revenue results of CSP efforts in diversifying their business in search of new revenue. Access the full complementary report here.

“Aria’s modern billing platform is a key component of our efforts to digitalize our business and offer our customers personalized services along with more flexible and fully customized plans. The Aria platform provides us with greater real-time visibility into network and customer activities that enhances our made-to-measure experiences for our customers, while offering us space for innovation.”

Nathan Bell, Chief Transformation Officer, M1

Aria Systems’ Cloud Billing and Monetization Platform Now Live with Leading Singapore Communications Services Provider, M1

“Aria’s cloud platform features the flexibility and ease of configuration in a modern and scalable architecture that will enable us to offer new digital products and bundles while providing our markets with many billing options for our customers and solid interoperability to our larger ecosystem.”

Christine Weber, CIO/CTO, Liberty Latin America

Liberty Latin America Selects Aria Systems as Dedicated Billing and Monetization Platform Across the Region

Customers and Case Studies

CSPs that have switched to Aria

CSPs all across the globe are switching to Aria to gain market and cost advantages over their competitors – from launching dynamic consumer plans to servicing enterprise markets more efficiently.

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analyst Viewpoint

Gartner Recognizes Aria in 2021 and 2022 Market Guide for CSPs

Aria Systems Recognized in the 2021 and 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Subscription and Recurring Billing Management Solutions.

Gartner recommends that application leaders “ensure that the chosen application will satisfy future requirements as the company’s recurring revenue business grows and becomes more complex.” 

Gartner Logo


System integrators and vendors

Aria has strategic relationships with these partners to jointly bring solutions to the CSP market.

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Learn from Liberty Latin America’s journey to cloud-native

Learn how Liberty Latin America approached their journey to true cloud-native solutions like Aria, which is now the designated platform for all their operations across Central and Latin America.

Economic Impact

Bringing measurable value to CSPs

As a modern cloud-native SaaS solution, Aria Billing Cloud provides the following economic impact compared to traditional BSS solutions.


Lower TCO for billing system


Improved collections using interactive billing


Lower billing-related call center inquiries


Aria wins top award for pioneering catalyst with CityFibre and six leading CSPs

Aria wins top award at Digital Transformation World (DTW) 2022 for pioneering the standardization of event-based architectures with TM Forum as part the extension of their open APIs.

  • Lowers the cost of integrating best-of-breed & ODA components
  • Enables zero-touch scaling beyond CSP ecosystem
  • Adopts latest AsyncAPI standards
  • Minimizes reliance on centralized business process automation


Aria 5G Readiness Report

Read IDC’s independent assessment of Aria for 5G monetization. IDC reviews critical requirements from marketplace management to adaptive monetization for new software-defined networks and services.

5G Marketplace

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